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What Are Bermuda Shutters

Bermuda shutters, also sometimes called Bahama shutters, are a type of exterior window shutter designed for both hurricane protection and sun control.

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Are Bahama Shutters Hurricane Rated?

Bahama shutters can be hurricane rated, but not all of them are. Here’s a breakdown:

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Consider Accordion Shutters for your South Florida Home

Accordion Shutters have quickly become a top hurricane shutter solution for homeowners looking to prepare their home for even the worst storms

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Bahama Shutters: Stylish Hurricane Protection

Fixed to the top of your windows with hinges, these wood or metal hurricane shutters are an ideal solution for your home.
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Choosing Hurricane Shutters for Your Home

There is nothing more important than the ability to prepare your home and protect your family when a major storm is approaching.
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Hurricane Shutters and HOA Approval in Lake Worth

Choosing hurricane shutters for your home is a big enough decision on its own and you do not want to be concerned with HOA fines.
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How Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Home

Winds that get inside the house can loosen some of the weaker supports and collapse the roof. Water damage is one of the main issues with houses that have been penetrated by debris.
Accordion Shutters

Advantages of Hurricane Shutters in Boca Raton

Hurricane shutters are extremely beneficial during hurricane season because of their strength and durability.
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Storm Panels: A Practical Home Protection Solution

Storm panels are a trusted and practical option for protecting your West Palm Beach home during a major storm such as a hurricane or tropical storm.
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A Guide to Florida Hurricane Shutter Manufacturers

Maintaining your home’s beauty and function involves many different tasks. In the state of Florida, homeowners have different risks to prepare for such as hurricanes.
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The Best Hurricane Shutters In Lake Worth

Homeowners in Lake Worth need a hurricane shutter company they can trust to assist with protecting their home, whether installing new shutters or repairing existing shutters.