Accordion Hurricane Storm Shutters

Accordion Shutter Manufacturing and Installation

Accordion Shutters offer a simple and fast way to secure your home from nature’s elements and unwelcome intruders. Accordion Shutters are Florida Building Code 2010 and Dade County approved and can span over wide openings with ease. They open and close easily like an accordion, gliding on a unique stainless steel support and roller system, with tracking at the top and bottom. Floor mounted bottom tracks can be removable or recessed into concrete or brick pavers. Accordion Shutters fold neatly and stack at the sides of an opening.

Qualifications for the Best Accordion Hurricane Shutters

There's no denying that accordion hurricane shutters provide excellent benefits. Even knowing that accordion shutters provide protection from hurricanes, you still may not know what exactly makes the best accordion hurricane shutters so great or even where you can find them.

Specifications for Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion hurricane shutters are phenomenal products. one of the more traditional types of hurricane shutters, accordion shutters allow for optimal security and safety of your home. Providing security isn't the only necessary feature of the leading accordion hurricane shutters on the market though. It's also essential that these accordion shutters are easy to use and able to withstand the strongest of winds.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters Provide Protection and Security

The main purpose of accordion hurricane shutters is to protect your home, so what good would hurricane shutters be if they were not secure? The best accordion hurricane shutters will be intact correctly, strong, and able to protect the home by blocking off sections of the home from the outside. This is essential when storms and hurricanes of all categories pose a threat to a place like your home, which is supposed to be a symbol of security, safety and solace.

Accordion Style Hurricane Shutters are Easy to Open and Close

It's important for hurricane shutters to be easily understood and accessible. The best accordion hurricane shutters will be able to open and close simply. In the event of an emergency or when you need to close your hurricane shutters, it's critical that you can do so in a timely fashion and without excessive effort. There are some shutters that can be extremely difficult to move, which is why you know that you have the best hurricane shutters available to you when they are easy to glide but still firm and intact. Category 5 Manufacturing has easy to open and close accordion shutters that are made to glide on a special steel support and roller system. Tracking is placed at the top and bottom for optimal security.

Meets Wind Codes and Building Regulations

Each building, city and county may have specific requirements for hurricane codes. That's why the most ideal accordion hurricane shutters will be able to meed these. Category 5 Manufacturing Accordion hurricane Shutters are Florida Building Code 2010 and Dade County approved, which is the most difficult certification to get!

Choosing Category 5 Manufacturing for Your Accordion Shutters

Knowing the qualities that make the best hurricane shutters is the first part to getting the protection you need for your home, but it's also critical to find a trustworthy and efficient hurricane shutter company to provide and install your storm shutters. Category 5 Manufacturing is the leading hurricane shutter manufacturer and company in South Florida. When you need accordion hurricane shutters, Bahama shutters, colonial shutters, roll-up shutters and storm panels, you can depend on Category 5 to provide the best products available on the market. The best part is that Category 5 is the manufacturer, which cuts other dealers out and means that you get the best product for the best price! If you are ready to have the best accordion hurricane shutters and similar storm products, then call for your free estimate and no obligation consultation today at 561-777-2491.