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Storm Panels

How Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Home

The main cause of Boca Raton property damage during hurricanes is flying debris breaking through windows without hurricane shutters. Fastening or bringing inside any objects that could become debris is important, but anything can become a projectile to break windows. The best defense is to install hurricane shutters and Category 5 Manufacturing can help residents of Boca Raton purchase and install hurricane shutters.

As soon as there is a breach in the envelope of a house (the protective layer), the house is opened up to another host of problems. Winds that get inside the house can loosen some of the weaker supports and collapse the roof. Water damage is one of the main issues with houses that have been penetrated by debris. Keeping rain out is very important for avoiding these problems.

Hurricanes also have an effect on society by reverting people to their survival instincts. During the aftermath of a hurricane, there is a higher rate of crime and looting. Having an opening through a window only makes it more likely that someone will enter it. Hurricane shutters in Boca Raton protect property from the environment and from criminals in this way.

There are different styles of hurricane shutters available for purchase and installation. We can help find the right style for any home:

The Accordion

This style of hurricane shutter, like all shutters offered by Category 5 Manufacturing, meets the Florida Building Code 2010 requirements. Accordion shutters are sliding panels which attach to the side of a window. When necessary, they expand across a stainless steel roller system to cover the entire window. The main benefit of the accordion shutter is the speed and ease at which they can be opened and closed. They are especially convenient in the case of more immediate disasters which do not give as much warning as hurricanes. There are also recessed track accordions which blend into the house more.

The Bahama/Colonial

These shutters give maximum protection from a category 5 hurricane but are a more restricting option than accordion shutters. The Bahama shutter fits over a window like a cap and can only be hinged up for slightly more sunlight. They are otherwise a stylish option for privacy and sunlight reduction. Colonial shutters are similar to Bahama shutters, but they open like doors for smaller windows with space on the sides.

Removable Storm Panels

These are the most popular option because they are affordable and can be removed completely. While they aren’t the most convenient, we can do the job of installing and removing in the future as well.

Cut out the middleman or sales deduction by ordering from Category 5 Manufacturing. We make and install hurricane shutters to make the process as simple and direct as possible. This allows us to afford to make the best product so that the customer’s safety is the number one priority. No money is due until the job is done. Please contact Category 5 Manufacturing now at 561-777-2491 for a personalized consultation and a free, no-obligation estimate.