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-Types of Roll-Up  Screens & Shutters-

Roll-up Shutters


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Nautilus Rolling Shutter Systems, provided and installed by Category 5 Manufacturing, offer unparalleled protection and versatility for both residential and commercial properties.

These rolling shutters are essential for safeguarding your house against extreme weather conditions and stopping theft and vandalism.

With a legacy dating back 20+ years, Category 5 Manufacturing has been a trusted name in hurricane shutter solutions for the Palm Beaches. Our range of services includes the installation of Roll-Down doors, Accordion Shutters, Colonial shutters, locking shutters, and hand-operated shutters. Our highly trained installation technicians ensure swift and precise installations, fortifying your property against all potential threats in no time.

The Nautilus Rolling Shutter System, boasting a patented design, introduces a host of innovative features and benefits. Its compact housing sets it apart in the industry, offering unmatched aesthetics for residential homes and commercial storefronts. The reduced distance between the track and center reel minimizes deflection, friction, and strain on the motor/gear, ensuring smooth operation for many years.

Furthermore, the system’s small center reel diameter, combined with the efficient arrangement of slats, optimizes motor/gear/spring torque. Snap covers for tracks enhance security and provide a sleek finish, while also serving as a conduit for power cords.

Despite its compact size, the Nautilus system exhibits exceptional strength and load capacity, making it suitable for various applications, from residential to high-rise buildings. Its resilience is evident in its performance against large missile impact tests and its compliance with the Florida Building Code.

The interlocking hinge points of the blades offer enhanced protection against impacts and forced entry, making it ideal for residential and commercial security purposes. Additionally, the system’s compatibility with balance springs allows for smooth operation with minimal motor/gear requirements, offering cost-effective solutions for manual operation.

In summary, Nautilus Rolling Shutter Systems, installed and supplied by Category 5 Manufacturing, redefine standards in safety, aesthetics, and functionality, ensuring peace of mind for property owners across the Palm Beaches.

The key differences between hurricane screens, bug screens, and UV screens:


  • Hurricane Screens: Designed to protect windows and doors from the damaging effects of hurricanes. They can withstand strong winds, flying debris, and heavy rain.
  • Bug Screens: Meant to keep insects like mosquitoes, flies, and other pests from entering your home or outdoor space. They allow for ventilation while blocking bugs.
  • UV Screens: Primarily function to block ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. This can help reduce heat gain indoors, protect furniture from fading, and potentially offer some skin protection in shaded areas.


  • Hurricane Screens: Typically made from heavy-duty materials like woven metal mesh, impact-resistant polycarbonate panels, or high-strength fabrics.
  • Bug Screens: Often constructed from fine mesh or fiberglass, allowing for good airflow while still blocking insects.
  • UV Screens: Can be made from various materials like woven mesh fabrics, vinyl, or films specifically designed to block UV rays.


  • Hurricane Screens: May have a slight visual impact due to the mesh or panel design, but they generally allow for some visibility through the screen.
  • Bug Screens: Designed for maximum visibility while still blocking bugs. The mesh is generally very fine and doesn’t significantly obstruct your view.
  • UV Screens: The level of visibility can vary depending on the material. Some UV screens might be slightly tinted but still allow you to see through, while others might offer more privacy screening with reduced visibility.

Additional Considerations:

  • Hurricane Screens: May be retractable, roll-down, or permanently installed depending on the design.
  • Bug Screens: Often come in standard sizes for windows and doors, but can also be custom-made for specific needs.
  • UV Screens: Can be used on windows, patios, pergolas, and other outdoor areas to provide shade and UV protection.

In short:

  • Hurricane screens prioritize strength and protection against extreme weather events.
  • Bug screens focus on keeping out unwanted insects while allowing ventilation.
  • UV screens aim to block UV rays for sun protection and heat reduction.

Some screens, particularly those designed for patios or porches, might offer a combination of functionalities. For example, a hurricane screen might also provide some UV protection, or a bug screen might be made from a UV-resistant material.