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-Custom Bahama Shutters-

Bahama-style decorative shutters are gaining popularity, especially in South Florida, where there is a high demand for protective features. If you prioritize safety, long-lasting quality, and aesthetics in your shutters, the ideal choice for resilient shutter products would be Bahama-style shutters o!ered by the esteemed shutter company, Category 5 Manufacturing. All our shutters are individually handcrafted and can be tailored with your preferred paint colors. 
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    Made in Lantana FL

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    Florida Vibes

Exceptional Talent
  • Used for:

    UV Protection

  • Time to deploy:

    Permanently affixed

  • Areas protected:

    Decorative Bahamas are not designed for protection

Advantages of Having Custom Bahama Shutters

Elegant Privacy Solutions Our Bahama shutters not only provide a privacy shield but also o!er shade and can withstand strong winds. Custom-Made in Lantana As a family-owned local business, we take immense pride in ensuring top-tier quality in every shutter, starting from the initial design phase. A Wide Spectrum of Colors We can customize your Bahama shutters in the color of your choice, allowing you to match them with your unique style and preferences.

Benefits of Decorative Bahamas

Privacy and Seclusion from Bahama Shutters
In addition to protection, which is a benefit that should encourage you to invest in Bahama hurricane shutters on its own, these leading types of storm shutters also provide the advantage of privacy. Bahama shutters are great because the design of them prevents those from the outside from being able to see through into the inside of your home. Everybody loves their privacy, so it’s great to know that Bahama shutters can help you have more of that in your life! Allows for Less Sunlight There is a great deal of light provided by the sun in Florida. After all, it is called the “sunshine State” for a reason! With Bahama shutters, less light is able to seep through into your home. This can be a great benefit because less light during the daytime can also mean less produced heat! Less heat in the home means that you won’t need to have your air condition blasting, which ultimately means more money saved in your pocket as a result of less electricity used for cooling!

Beautiful Appearance
Custom Bahama Shutters Beautiful Appearance The advantages of these shutters extend beyond reducing indoor heat, lowering energy consumption, and o!ering protective features. Bahamastyle shutters are also a stylish and fashionable choice. Their unique design is visually appealing, and we o!er a wide variety of color and size options to cater to your preferences. Choose Bahama Shutters from Category 5 Manufacturing Select Bahama-Style Shutters from Category 5 Manufacturing When you are looking for an elegant protective solution for your home, choose Bahama-style shutters from Category 5 Manufacturing. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures you receive the most durable and visually appealing shutters. When you opt for Bahama-style shutters, you can trust Category 5 Manufacturing to provide the best in the industry. Not interested in Bahama-style shutters? At Category 5 Manufacturing, we o!er a variety of shutter options, including accordion shutters, colonial shutters, roll-up shutters, and more.