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-Nautilus Dual Rolling System-

Both screen, and hurricane roll down protection in one

Enhance your indoor and outdoor experience year round. Weather Protection – Insect Protection – Privacy – UV Protection Made in the USA 
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Hurricane Protection

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Bug Screen

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All Open

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Exceptional Talent
  • Used for:

    Bug protection, UV Protection, Hurricane Protection, and Security

  • Time to deploy:

    It will take 5-10 min to protect your house with a remote control or panel

  • Areas protected:

    Windows, Patios, Garages, and Lanai

If you ‘re looking for a Rolling Hurricane Shutter, a Rolling Screen, or a Combination of both, then Nautilus has you covered! Our patented, award winning Rolling Shutter is Miami Dade Approved and has the
most compact housing in the industry. Product Approvals – FL 12246 & FLJ 7079

Our new Rolling Screen features flexible, self-tensioning tracks that keep the screen tight while allowing the unit to operate, even during windy conditions.

Combine them both, and
you have the best of both systems. Versatility and convenience in one.

Exceptional Protection

Introducing the Nautilus Shutter/Screen Combination The Nautilus Shutter/Screen Combination was developed to fill the need for those who wanted both the benefits of the highest quality hurricane shutter available and the advantages of insect or solar screen protection. The Nautilus Rolling Shutter System has been the standard of the shutter industry since it was patented in 2009 so it was only natural to couple it with the Nautilus Self Tensioning Screen System, the new standard in the screen industry. By combining these products we have produced the only true combination system in one compact hood. No other manufacturer offers the compact size and ease of operation you will experience with the Nautilus Shutter/Screen Combination System. Whether you have an infinity pool and want to preserve your view without a pool cage, or just want the dual advantages of hurricane and insect protection for your family, the Nautilus Shutter/Screen Combination System is the answer.

Nautilus Rolling Shutter Systems, offered and installed by Category 5 Manufacturing, provide unparalleled protection and versatility for residential and commercial properties.

These rolling shutters are crucial for safeguarding windows against severe weather conditions and deterring theft and vandalism.

Established since 1986, Category 5 Manufacturing has been a trusted provider of hurricane shutter solutions in the Palm Beaches. Our services encompass the installation of coiling doors, security doors, counter shutters, locking shutters, and hand-operated shutters. Our expert installation technicians ensure swift and precise installations, reinforcing your property against potential threats promptly.

The Nautilus Rolling Shutter System, featuring a patented design, introduces numerous innovative features and advantages. Notably, its exceptionally compact housing distinguishes it within the industry, offering unmatched aesthetics for residential homes and commercial storefronts. The reduced distance between the track and center reel minimizes deflection, friction, and strain on the motor/gear, ensuring seamless operation.

Additionally, the system’s small center reel diameter, coupled with the efficient arrangement of slats, maximizes motor/gear/spring torque. Snap covers for tracks enhance security and provide a sleek finish, doubling as conduits for power cords.

Despite its compactness, the Nautilus system demonstrates exceptional strength and load capacity, making it suitable for various applications, from residential to high-rise buildings. Its resilience is evident in its performance in large missile impact tests and compliance with the Florida Building Code.

The interlocking hinge points of the blades provide added protection against impacts and forced entry, rendering it ideal for residential and commercial security purposes. Moreover, the system’s compatibility with balance springs enables smooth operation with minimal motor/gear requirements, offering cost-effective solutions for manual operation.

In conclusion, Nautilus Rolling Shutter Systems, installed and supplied by Category 5 Manufacturing, redefine standards in safety, aesthetics, and functionality, ensuring peace of mind for property owners throughout the Palm Beaches.