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-Colonial Shutters-

You get protection for your family and home. Safety and security are unbeatable benefits of Category 5 Manufacturing hurricane shutters.
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Exceptional Talent
  • Used for:

    UV Protection, Hurricane Protection, and Security

  • Time to deploy:

    Most opening only take a couple of minutes to close

  • Areas protected:

    Windows, Farm stalls, ect..

Colonial Shutter Sales and Installation
These beautiful, stylish colonial shutters are durable, very strong and Storm Rated to meet the requirements for Miami/Dade County winds and impact. In the event of a storm, it’s critical to have protection for your family and your home. It’s best that this protection is put in place before the disaster takes way, which is why colonial hurricane shutters make great safety precautions and security measures. Not all Florida hurricane shutters are alike and they di!er in the manufacturing and installing of them. Category 5 o!ers the best Florida hurricane shutters on the market right now.

Characteristics of the Best Colonial Hurricane Shutters
The best colonial hurricane shutters can be defined as such a great quality product based o! characteristics. Category 5 Manufacturing provides the best products, including colonial hurricane shutters, because high quality is critical when it comes to protecting what is most valuable. Colonial Hurricane Shutters Call Us Today! 561-777-2491

Colonial Hurricane Shutters Provide Optimal Protection
The most important trait for the best colonial shutters on the market to have is protection. At Category 5 Manufacturing, you can count on being protected from tropical storms to horrific hurricanes when your security and safety by your windows and doors being covered with these strong products. A good quality product will be able to deliver results and that’s exactly what the best colonial hurricane shutters should do for you by protecting you, your family, and your home from the dangers created by high, strong winds from hurricanes.

Colonial Shutters Offer a Beautiful Appearance
Another great quality of colonial shutters is that they are simply beautiful. There is a unique, distinct, and stylish look that colonial shutters possess. When you desire hurricane protection that not only resists high winds but also looks enticing, you can count on Category 5 Manufacturing to provide the greatest products. Our Colonial Shutters Meet all Requirements and Building Codes The colonial shutters and various hurricane products provided by Category 5 Manufacturing are also approved by Miami- Dade County, which is a tough approval to receive. This protection provided by Category 5 Manufacturing is ideal because it is on par with the guidelines suggested by the counties where hurricanes and disasters are most prevalent. In other words, these hurricane shutters are able to withstand some serious wind!

Why Choose Hurricane Shutters from Category 5 Manufacturing?
At Category 5 Manufacturing, you get more than the highest quality hurricane shutters and hurricane resistant storm products – you get protection for your family and home. Safety and security are unbeatable benefits of Category 5 Manufacturing hurricane shutters. When you desire an e!ective hurricane resistant product for the ultimate protection during a storm or hurricane, you can count on us to provide the greatest. For your free quote and no obligation consultation, call us today at 561-777-2491.