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The Best Hurricane Protection available in Lake Worth FL

Homeowners in Lake Worth need a hurricane shutter company they can trust to assist with protecting their home, whether installing new shutters or repairing existing shutters. Installing hurricane shutters is a critical measure for all property owners when preparing for hurricane season. The monetary and sentimental value of the items inside of a home means the world to most families. Do not take a chance, if you are a Lake Worth homeowner, you need hurricane shutters to protect your family and your possessions.

The Best in Manufacturing Hurricane Shutters

Category 5 Manufacturing is one of the best hurricane shutter manufacturers that services the Lake Worth area. Our shutters are the best because they are made to meet or exceed the toughest building codes in the entire State of Florida. When installed properly, our hurricane shutters can protect your home from strong winds, rain, and flying debris.

The Best at Installing Hurricane Shutters

Making quality hurricane shutters is only half of the battle. Hurricane shutters are virtually useless if they are not installed properly. Our team of installers are highly trained and experienced when it comes to installing our hurricane shutters on a variety of homes and properties. Hurricane shutters do require a permit to be installed. The shutters themselves must be made from approved materials and the installation must meet your municipalities building codes. We take extra care to match our installation to the approved permit plans and make sure the shutters are safe regardless of any existing conditions. Down to the nuts and bolts, you can be confident that your hurricane shutters are installed right.

HOA Approved Shutters

One of the other factors that make Category 5 the best is all of our hurricane shutters are HOA approved. We do not want homeowners to face hefty HOA fines from installing shutters that are not approved, so we handle that detail for you. From aesthetics to strength, we design and build all of our hurricane shutters with common HOA guidelines in mind.

Types of Category 5 Hurricane Shutters

Preparing Your Home for a Storm

In the event of an approaching tropical storm or hurricane, you will need to close or put up your hurricane shutters. Many of the hurricane shutters designed by Category 5 Manufacturing, such as roller shutters and Bahamas shutters, can easily be deployed in a matter of minutes. Options such as storm panels may take a little longer to put up, but can also be completed easily in much less time than it takes to hammer up plywood. When you are deciding on the type of hurricane shutters to secure your home, we provide top quality customer service and discuss what options might be best for your needs and why. Our installers will also gladly show you how to use your shutters before leaving the job site so that you are comfortable handle the job when the time comes.

If you are looking for the best hurricane shutter company in Lake Worth, look no further. Category 5 Manufacturing takes pride in providing the best-manufactured hurricane shutters, hurricane shutter installation, and overall customer service in South Florida. Hurricane season is right around the corner and we want your home to be prepared. Call Category 5 today to request a free quote on hurricane shutters for your Lake Worth Home.