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Storm Panels: A Practical Home Protection Solution

Storm Panels: A Practical Home Protection Solution

Storm panels are a trusted and practical option for protecting your West Palm Beach home during a major storm such as a hurricane or tropical storm. Preparing your home for hurricane season does not have to be costly or complicated when you opt for storm panels as your hurricane shutter solution. Category 5 Manufacturers will custom manufacture storm panels to fit your home and handle the permitting and installation process from start to finish. If you are looking for a new solution to protect your Florida home during the upcoming hurricane season, continue reading to learn more about why storm panels are a practical solution.

Benefits of Storm Panels

  • An economical solution
  • Easy to install quickly
  • Potential discounts on homeowners insurance
  • Strong against hurricane force winds

Storm Panel Installation

For the initial installation of storm panels, a permanent track will be secured to the top and bottom of the opening. These tracks are slim and can be painted to match the color of your home to blend in easily. The installation process is quick and easy for our experienced installation crews. During the installation, we will gladly show you how to put up the panels when a storm draws near. Before we are able to install your storm panels, a permit must be obtained by your municipality. If your home is in an area with a homeowners association, you may also require approval from the association. We will handle the entire permitting and installation process, so you do not have to put your life on hold to add protection to your home.

Preparing Your Home

Once the tracks are installed, the actual storm panels can be stored in your garage or a shed area on your property. It is best to keep the panels inside some sort of enclosure as opposed to leaving the panels outside year round. When a tropical disturbance threatens your home, take out the storm panels, simply slide them into place, and secure them with wing nuts. The process of putting up storm panels is rather simple and easy. Prepare every one of the openings to your home in no time when you are equipped with storm panel shutters.

Storm Panel Options

When you think of storm panels, you likely think of the mill finish panels that are not painted any other color and show the metal that they are made of. This option is the most affordable and is available at Category 5 Manufacturers. However, we do have other options available to meet the needs and preferences of all of our customers. Our steel panels only come with a mill finish and, as mentioned, are our most affordable option. The aluminum panels are lighter than steel and can be purchased with a mill or white finish. If you feel that neither mill nor white is the right options for your home, you may prefer clear panels. These panels are also made to exceed the necessary building codes, but they will allow the beauty of your West Palm Beach home to be seen even when they are up. All of our panels are strong and easy to deploy or take down during hurricane season.

To protect your West Palm Beach home during every year’s inevitable hurricane season, hurricane shutters are a must. Shutters do not have to be intrusive, ugly, or difficult to install. Storm panels are a practical solution for hurricane protection because they are easy to install, they come in multiple finishes, and they are affordable. Do not wait until a storm is approaching to purchase storm panels for your home. Call (561) 777-2491 today to speak with a representative at Category 5 Manufacturers and get a free quote!

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