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What are Bermuda Shutters

-What Are Bermuda Shutters?-

Bermuda shutters, also sometimes called Bahama shutters, are a type of exterior window shutter designed for both hurricane protection and sun control. They are louvered shutters, meaning they have horizontal slats that can be angled open or closed to control airflow and light penetration.

Here are some key characteristics of Bermuda shutters:

  • Material: Typically constructed from aluminum, though wood and vinyl options may also be available. Aluminum is a popular choice due to its durability, resistance to rust and corrosion, and ability to withstand strong winds.
  • Angled Louvers: The louvers are fixed at an angle, typically between 30 and 45 degrees. This angle allows for ventilation while still providing some protection from rain and sun.
  • Hurricane Protection: Bermuda shutters, particularly those made from aluminum and Miami-Dade certified, can offer significant protection against hurricanes. When closed and securely fastened, they can help shield windows from wind and flying debris.
  • Sun Control: The angled louvers help to block direct sunlight, reducing heat gain inside your home and improving energy efficiency. You can adjust the angle of the louvers to control the amount of sunlight and shade.
  • Aesthetics: Bermuda shutters can add a touch of island style and sophistication to your home’s exterior. They come in a variety of colors and styles to complement different architectural designs.

Here’s a comparison of Bermuda shutters with other types of shutters:

  • Colonial shutters: Solid or raised panel shutters that fold flat against the wall when not in use. Offer a classic look but less ventilation and sun control compared to Bermuda shutters.
  • Roll-up shutters: Shutters made of slats that roll up and down in a track. Can offer good hurricane protection and privacy but may not provide as much ventilation as Bermuda shutters.
  • Storm panels: Plywood or metal panels that are attached directly over windows to provide hurricane protection. More basic and less aesthetically pleasing than Bermuda shutters.

Overall, Bermuda shutters are a versatile option that can provide both hurricane protection and sun control for your home. They are a good choice for homeowners in hurricane-prone areas who also want to improve energy efficiency and add a touch of style to their exterior.

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Bahama Shutters: Stylish Hurricane Protection

Bahama Shutters are one of the most popular hurricane shutter designs in Boca Raton, Florida. Fixed to the top of your windows with hinges, these wood or metal hurricane shutters are an ideal solution for your home. At Category 5 Manufacturing, we understand that protecting your home is a priority, but maintaining its style and beauty should not be overlooked. Luckily, we offer a number of hurricane shutter options, including gorgeous Bahama Shutters. In this article, we will teach you everything there is to know about Bahama Shutters for your Boca Raton home.

What Are Bahama Shutters?

Commonly used in the Caribbean for centuries, Bahama shutters protected residents from intense heat and sun. Modern Bahama shutters are built strong enough to withstand hurricane-strength winds and weather conditions. This style of hurricane shutter is quickly increasing in popularity throughout the southeastern U.S.

A type of window shutter, Bahama shutters are mounted to the exterior of your Boca Raton. A simple yet strong hinge at the top of the shutters allows for them to be easily propped open or closed for privacy and protection. When opened completely, these shutters sit at a 45-degree angle from the top of the window. These one-piece shutters are strong and sturdy because the hinges are attached directly to your house. They will not come loose during strong winds so long as they are closed properly prior to the storm. Bahama shutters can even remain propped open at all times, left partially open, or closed completely. In addition to storm protection, these shutters provide shade from the sun, privacy from neighbors, and allow a nice outside breeze in.

Features of Bahama Shutters

Hurricane Protection – Bahama Shutters are popular in Boca Raton and the rest of South Florida because they offer reliable protection from the occasional hurricane. When closed, these durable shutters provide superior protection from the heavy rain and wind accompanying a tropical disturbance. Mounted on the exterior of the house, Bahama shutters effectively protect against the strongest storms. Say goodbye to spending hours waiting in line for plywood and sweating through the hot summer sun while you boarding up your home. Simply close your Bahama shutters in minutes and you are good to go!

Home Security – In addition to storm protection, Bahama shutters are a major deterrent for home invasions and burglaries. These shutters make entering a home through a window difficult and create an unwanted hurdle for criminals.

Easy of Use – Bahama shutters are simple to install and even easier to use following installation. Closing each shutter only takes seconds and they can be adjusted for the level of sun, privacy, and protection desired at any point in time. Using Bahama Shutters is a breeze.

Privacy – Another benefit of Bahama shutters is that they add privacy to your home. With the way the shutters are designed, you can see out but people outside cannot see in. Go about your life with the comfort that no one is watching!

Shade and Heat Control – The hot and bright Florida sun is great when you want a tan, but it is not ideal for a midday nap or movie. Bahama Shutters can be adjusted to allow in just the amount of sun you desire. Plus, a hot sun creates a hot house. Lower the temperature in your home by shading your glass windows from the harsh sun. You may even notice a lower electric bill following your Bahama shutter installation.

Style and Beauty – Unlike other shutter options that are considered an eyesore, Bahama shutters actually add style to your home. Many homeowners choose aluminum Bahama shutters because they last longer, but others prefer the appearance of wood options. Whichever material you choose, Bahama shutters can be made to fit just about any window. A perfect tropical touch to your Boca Raton home, Bahama shutters are available in any color you could desire. There is no need to sacrifice the beauty and style of your home when you opt for Bahama style shutters.

Considerations For Installing Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters have a lot to offer, and we know you will love them for years to come. However, at Category 5 Manufacturing, we offer a variety of hurricane shutter options to meet the needs and desires of every homeowner. We recommend consulting with a professional when choosing the perfect hurricane shutters for your home. Here are some questions to ask yourself through the selection process:

  • What functions do I want the shutters to serve?
  • Can I easily use these shutters?
  • Do these shutters offer the protection I need?
  • Do these shutters match the style of my home?
  • Will I need assistance installing these shutters?

Category 5 Manufacturing is proud to make, sell, and install Bahama Shutters on homes throughout Boca Raton and all of Palm Beach County. These stylish and practical shutters are ideal for most tropical style homes. You will love the look, security, and protection these shutters provide. Make preparing for hurricane season easy by installing Bahama Style shutters now.

Call us today for a quote on Bahama style shutters. (561)777-2491