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Consider Accordion Shutters for your South Florida Home

As a homeowner in South Florida, it is important to prepare for hurricane season well ahead of time. Accordion Shutters have quickly become a top hurricane shutter solution for homeowners looking to prepare their home for even the worst storms. In the event of a storm, hurricane shutters will protect your doors and windows from blowing in or being shattered by flying debris. What most people don’t know is that losing a window or door during a strong storm will change the pressure in your house. This pressure change is what leads to catastrophic damage and potentially losing your roof. These are the realities of living in a tropical region that experiences frequent hurricanes. If you do not have shutters on your home yet but are looking to have them installed, you should consider accordion shutters.

What are accordion shutters?

Accordion shutters are a type of hurricane shutter that goes on the outside of your windows, doors, or other openings. They are made with tracks installed at the top and bottom of the window so they can easily slide open or closed. A lock holds the shutters closed. When the shutters do not need to be used, they fold up like an accordion to the side of the opening.

Benefits of Accordion Shutters:

  • Storm protection from wind and flying debris
  • Shaped to deflect wind
  • Locking mechanism for added security
  • Easy to open and close when you need them
  • Control when you let light in your home
  • Great for covering wide spaces like balconies
  • Added privacy
  • No storage space needed
  • Can be locked from the inside or outside

Cost of Accordion Shutters

Of all of the types of hurricane shutters, accordion style shutters are mid-range in terms of price. They do need to be closed manually, but the process is fast and easy. If you are looking for something that offers top protection, can be closed around your whole house in less than 30 minutes, and won’t break the bank, accordion shutters might be the option for you!

If you are looking into shutters solutions for your home, contact the experts at Category 5 Manufacturing. One of our experienced representatives will gladly answer any of your questions and help you decide if accordion shutters are the best option for your home. Give us a call at 561-777-2491.