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West Palm Beach Hurricane Shutters

In South Florida, there are all types of hurricane protection methods to combat the heavy storms, turbulent winds, and hurricanes that plow by. How do you know that you have effective hurricane protection methods though? It’s not tough to understand what a detrimental weather condition looks like, but it can be tricky to determine what the best hurricane resistant products are. An effective way to combat a disastrous hurricane before it tears your home apart is to invest in the highest quality, best West Palm Beach hurricane shutters.

Qualities for Effective West Palm Beach Hurricane Shutters

Category 5 Manufacturing has effective West Palm Beach hurricane shutters for the location and surrounding areas. You can tell when hurricane shutters are effective by the speed of wind that they have been tested to be able to endure, the level of quality of the product itself, the time frame for guarantees on the product and the different types of shutters provided.

Provide Ideal Protection for Hurricanes in West Palm Beach

The greatest hurricane protection options, like the hurricane shutters sold and installed in West Palm Beach by Category 5 Manufacturing, should include being able to withstand the highest of winds. What use is it to have a hurricane protection option that only is proven effective for winds at a low travel speed? What would happen during a massive hurricane where winds reached up to 200 mph? Category 5 Manufacturing provides a variety of hurricane and storm shutters as well as additional hurricane resistant products that have been tested to withstand winds going over 210 mph. Even the fastest of hurricanes won’t be able to push through these storm shutters to reach and break your windows or affect your household items.

High-Quality Product

Not only is a high-quality hurricane resistant product defined by the level of speed of wind it can resist, but it is also determined by its ability to be durable and remain in fair condition. At Category 5 Manufacturing, each hurricane shutter is prepared and installed efficiently because the goal of the company is to provide the safest and best protection from hurricanes possible. All Category 5 Manufacturing products are made with care, precision and close attention to detail.

Our West Palm Beach Hurricane Shutters are Guaranteed for 10 Years

At Category 5 Manufacturing, providing each customer with the best experience is very important, which is why there is even a 10-year warranty on the storm on the storm shutters. We believe the best product you can find for hurricane protection is at Category 5 Manufacturing.

Installed by Professionals from Best West Palm Beach Hurricane Shutter Company

One surefire way to ease your mind about having effective West Palm Beach hurricane shutters is to have them not just manufactured by professionals but also installed by them. Even though you may prefer installing the product yourself or would rather figure it out on your own, it’s best to let professionals handle it so that there are no loose ends and you can rest assured in its installation. The team of professionals at Category 5 Manufacturing is uniformed, licensed and insured because we want you to feel safe and comfortable with the setup.

Different Varieties of Hurricane Shutters

You know you have the best hurricane shutters and hurricane resistant products when you have options! It’s one thing when you have storm shutters in West Palm Beach that are designed for protection, but if you have different types of hurricane resistant shutters, then you get efficiency and personal preference! From accordion shutters, Bahama Shutters, colonial shutters, roll-up shutters and storm panels, you can count on Category 5 Manufacturing to provide you the greatest, most versatile and efficient hurricane-resistant products.

Choose Category 5 Manufacturing for Hurricane Resistant Products

Category 5 manufacturing is built on the idea of providing the best customer service to each individual and giving them a high-quality product to protect them from mild to extreme hurricanes. With a wide array of hurricane resistant products, Category 5 Manufacturing to set your free estimate today and then start the process of getting effective hurricane protection for your home.