Bahama shutters are rising in popularity, especially in South Florida where there is a great demand for hurricane protection! When safety, durability and aesthetics are important for you to have in hurricane shutters, then the best hurricane resistant products to invest in are Bahama hurricane shutters from the best hurricane shutter company, Category 5 Manufacturing!

Advantages of Having Bahama Hurricane Shutters

It’s apparent how great the benefits are for having Bahama hurricane shutters. Not only do hurricane resistant products like the Bahama hurricane shutters that are provided by Category 5 Manufacturing allow for hurricane protection benefits but they also provide an enticing look and a reduction in visible sunlight in the home!

Bahama Storm Shutters Provide Hurricane Protection

The most important advantage of the Bahama hurricane shutters is that these high quality hurricane resistant products provide maximum storm protection. Bahama hurricane shutters from Category 5 Manufacturing can offer protection for storms as severe as category 5 hurricanes, which is the most severe category for any tropical storm and hurricane! When you want ultimate protection of yourself and family, you can depend on the security and protection from Bahama hurricane shutters from Category 5 Manufacturing!

Privacy and Seclusion from Bahama Shutters

In addition to protection, which is a benefit that should encourage you to invest in Bahama hurricane shutters on its own, these leading types of storm shutters also provide the advantage of privacy. Bahama shutters are great because the design of them prevents those from the outside from being able to see through into the inside of your home. Everybody loves their privacy, so it’s great to know that Bahama shutters can help you have more of that in your life!

Allows for Less Sunlight

There is a great deal of light provided by the sun in Florida. After all, it is called the “sunshine State” for a reason! With Bahama shutters, less light is able to seep through into your home. This can be a great benefit becuase less light during the daytime can also mean less produced heat! Less heat in the home means that you won’t need to have your air condition blasting, which ultimately means more money saved in your pocket as a result of less electricity used for cooling!

Beautiful Appearance

Although less sunlight, reduction of indoor heat, reduced use of electricity, and hurricane protection are great benefits, it’s common for people to be concerned about the appearance. Fortunately, Bahama hurricane shutters look incredible! one of the more stylish hurricane resistant options, Bahama shutters have a unique design that looks enticing and trendy.

Choose Bahama Hurricane Shutters from Category 5 Manufacturing

When you want ultimate storm protection for your home and a stylish appearance for hurricane shutters, choose Bahama shutters from Category 5 Manufacturing! You will never be disappointed with the work of the team at Category 5 Manufacturing because there is great attention on each detail and you get the most durable, beautiful hurricane shutters as a result! When you need Bahama hurricane shutters, you can count on Category 5 Manufacturing to provide the best in the industry!

Are Bahama hurricane shutters not for you? At Category 5 Manufacturing, we offer a variety of options for hurricane shutters including accordion shutters, colonial shutters, roll up shutters and more!