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Decorative Bahama Shutters

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Category 5 Manufacturing specializes in crafting Bahama Shutters, also referred to as Bermuda Shutters. These shutters are a fantastic addition to any property, elevating its aesthetics while providing unparalleled hurricane protection and consistent shade against the sun

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Order will not go through if any address is outside of Florida.

For shipping Shutters or out of state orders you must call our office to make arrangements.

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Category 5 Manufacturing excels in crafting decorative Bahama Shutters, offering not only aesthetic enhancement but also practical benefits for homeowners. By effectively blocking direct sunlight from entering your windows, these shutters contribute to reducing energy consumption, maintaining a consistently cooler indoor environment year-round. Moreover, their distinctive design balances privacy and visibility, allowing residents to enjoy outside views without compromising security.

Installed seamlessly above windows using sturdy hinges, our Bahama Shutters provide effortless adjustability between fully open, partially open, or fully closed positions within seconds, thanks to the included adjustable arms. Choose from a spectrum of powder-coated colors to match your property’s aesthetics, or opt for an unfinished, modern industrial appearance.

Crafted from premium 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, our hurricane-rated Bahama Shutters are meticulously engineered to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, resisting fading, cracking, mildewing, or rusting over time.

Ordering from us is hassle-free:

1. **Enter Opening Width and Height:** Our system suggests dimensions for your shutter based on your selections.
2. **Choose Color:** Select from our standard colors or request a custom RAL code. Alternatively, enjoy the industrial charm of “mill finish” at no extra cost.

Backed by durable powder coating, our Bahama Shutters guarantee longevity, resilience, and enduring aesthetic appeal. Contact Category 5 Manufacturing for a seamless ordering experience and unparalleled hurricane protection solutions.