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Category 5 Manufacturing: Your Hurricane Protection Partner in Jupiter, FL

As Jupiter residents, we know hurricane season brings both excitement and concern. Here at Category 5 Manufacturing,we’re dedicated to providing peace of mind with our comprehensive hurricane protection solutions.

Why Choose Category 5 Manufacturing?

    • Local Expertise: We are a Jupiter-based company, familiar with local building codes and the specific threats hurricanes pose to our community.

    • Unmatched Selection: We offer a wide range of hurricane shutters to suit your needs and budget, including:

        • Accordion Shutters: Fast and easy deployment, ideal for large openings like sliding glass doors.
        • Bahama Shutters: Combines storm protection with everyday sun control, enhancing curb appeal.
        • Colonial Shutters: Offers both hurricane defense and a classic aesthetic that complements your home.
        • Roll-Up Shutters: Convenient and user-friendly option, available in manual and electric configurations.
        • Storm Panels: Cost-effective and reliable solution for comprehensive hurricane protection.
    • Expert Installation: Our highly trained and certified technicians ensure your shutters are installed flawlessly,guaranteeing optimal performance during a storm.

    • Miami-Dade Approved Options: We offer shutters that meet the rigorous Miami-Dade County building code standards, providing the strongest possible protection.

    • Long-Term Value: Our high-quality shutters are built to last, requiring minimal maintenance and offering years of reliable defense.

    • Seamless Permitting: We handle all the necessary paperwork to ensure your Jupiter shutter installation complies with local regulations.

Choosing the Right Hurricane Shutter for Your Needs:

Here’s a quick comparison of our most popular hurricane shutter options:

FeatureAccordion ShuttersBahama ShuttersColonial ShuttersRoll-Up ShuttersStorm Panels
Deployment SpeedFastestModerateModerateManual: Moderate, Electric: InstantFastest
Sun ControlLimitedModerateLimitedLimitedNone
MaintenanceLowLowLowLowVery Low
CostModerateModerateModerateHigh (Electric) / Low (Manual)Low

Let Category 5 Manufacturing Help You Prepare

Don’t wait for a storm to threaten. Contact Category 5 Manufacturing today! We offer free consultations to assess your needs and recommend the perfect hurricane shutter solution for your Jupiter home. We’ll also provide a competitive quote for both product and installation.

Invest in peace of mind this hurricane season. Choose Category 5 Manufacturing, your trusted partner in Jupiter, FL!