West Palm Beach

Category 5 Manufacturing’s main focus is installing hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach. The owner of Category 5 is a Palm Beach local who takes pride in protecting his community and being close to his customers. Palm Beach is a large county that is constantly developing to offer its residents more. Category 5 is here to protect the great people and properties of Palm Beach County.

Installing hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach is important because we are the hub for tropical activity. We have been hit more recently than anywhere in the state of Florida and people realize the importance of protecting their home in this county. As a matter of fact, most homeowners insurance companies are recognizing the importance of hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, as they are starting to require all homes to have some sort of approved hurricane protection, just to get a policy.

Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach

Category 5 Manufacturing provides services predominantly to the residents of West Palm Beach. Our mission is to bring high-quality hurricane shutter options and installation services to West Palm Beach.

Hurricane shutters need to meet guidelines, HOA policy and homeowner insurance specs. This way you will protect your home without paying any of the potential HOA penalties. Our vast assortment of hurricane rated shutters will help you maintain a great balance of safety and beauty with only the top-rated protection.

Hurricane Shutters:

Accordion Shutters in West Palm Beach

More important than having hurricane shutters, is knowing how to use them. One reason homeowners often opt for accordion shutters is that they are easy to operate. It does not require very much strength or training to slide these shutters closed and lock them in place.

Another reason these are a great option is they can be used to cover just about any type of window, door, or home opening. When not in use, they fold up small to the side of the opening and remain out of the way until they are needed again.

If you are worried about the bottom track for doors being in the way or looking bad, we can have them recessed into cement or brick.

Bahama Shutters in West Palm Beach

Bahama shutters are the quintessential look for any home in the tropics. Naturally, they look great on lots of South Florida homes. These simple, one-panel structures are attached at the top of each window with a hinge for them to open and close. Simply close them flat and secure them with a hook when a strong storm is on its way. Open them up to about a 45-degree angle the rest of the year for a little bit of privacy and shade.

Colonial Shutters in West Palm Beach

If you want to bring a little of the Northeast to South Florida, get some colonial, or New England, style shutters installed on your home. As a year-round fixture on your home, these shutters give your home a quaint and classy look. Close them shut any time you like for shade and privacy, but especially close them prior to a major storm to protect your windows from the unpredictable conditions.

Roll-Up Shutters in West Palm Beach

Roll-up shutters are the perfect solution for many homes. These strong and secure shutters are particularly safe and easy to use. In the event that you need to use your roller shutters, simply roll them down and lock them.

At Category 5 Manufacturing we sell modern roll-up screens that meet even the most intense building codes of Dade County. If you have older roll-up shutters, you may need vertical bars installed, or you can just upgrade to our shutters!

Storm Panels in West Palm Beach

For ages, we have seen homeowners struggle with nailing plywood to their homes when a hurricane draws near. If you are looking for a cost-effective and safe solution to secure your home, consider the most popular option at Category 5, storm panels. Small tracks can be placed along all of the openings to your home and the lightweight panels can stack nicely in your garage between hurricane seasons. These panels are very safe and secure compared to plywood. This in addition to being much easier to install. Not to mention you can use the same panels year after year.

We offer the following types of storm panels:

  • Steel – The most cost-effective choice and comes in mill color.

  • Aluminum – Installed using a track or direct mount method and comes in mill or white.

  • Clear – The most popular choice for homeowners as it’s lightweight to carry with visibility.

If you are in the market for hurricane protection then look no further than Category 5 Manufacturing, as your contractor, as there is no one better, when it comes to installing hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach. We can be reached it at 561-777-2491.