Discover Mizner Country Club

Mizner Country Club, nestled in the picturesque Palm Beach County city of Delray Beach, which boasts a prime location within proximity to top-rated schools, upscale shopping destinations, and breathtaking parks. This community provides an idyllic setting to acquire a home and embark on your dream lifestyle. However, even dreams can be occasionally disrupted by the unwelcome forces of nature, such as tropical storms and hurricanes. The reassuring news is that Category 5 Manufacturing offers a diverse range of solutions to fortify your home against the challenges of hurricane season, simplifying the often daunting task of preparing for a significant storm.

Hurricane Shutter Solutions in Mizner Country Club

Category 5 Manufacturing proudly extends its legacy of installing hurricane shutters throughout Mizner Country Club and its neighboring communities, a tradition that spans several years. Our extensive selection of shutter types caters to both aesthetic preferences and structural requirements, ensuring every home in Mizner Country Club is adequately equipped.

Furthermore, we possess comprehensive knowledge of Homeowners Association (HOA) regulations and homeowner insurance policies. We prioritize this understanding because any missteps or negligence in compliance could result in fines and penalties from your HOA or insurer. At Category 5, we diligently work to ensure that you never have to face these fines or penalties. Our commitment lies in delivering top-quality products and services that you can depend on. Here are some of the shutter styles we offer:

Shutter Styles:

Explore Accordion Shutters in Mizner Country Club

Accordion Shutters are installed with top and bottom track mounts, facilitating easy opening and closing. These mounts are affixed to the upper and lower sections of your windows and doors, allowing the shutters to slide to the side for storage. For a more discreet appearance, the mounts can be recessed into concrete or brick. When installed across all glass areas of your home’s exterior, accordion shutters offer robust hurricane-grade protection.

Discover Bahama Shutters in Mizner Country Club

Bahama Shutters, a popular choice for South Florida homes, complement the relaxed aesthetic of many residences. These shutters provide a range of benefits, including hurricane-level storm protection, enhanced privacy, and relief from the scorching Florida sun. Often referred to as Caribbean Shutters, Bahama Shutters consist of a single piece hinged at the top of your windows. When open, they stand at a 45-degree angle and can be effortlessly closed shut.

Experience Colonial Shutters in Mizner Country Club

Colonial Shutters offer an appealing blend of hurricane protection and visual appeal, sometimes referred to as New England style shutters. These shutters make an excellent addition to your glamorous Florida home, nestled in the sunny beauty of Mizner Country Club. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, colonial shutters safeguard your home from hurricane-related elements such as wind and heavy rain. They also contribute to your home’s energy efficiency when used for shading during sunny days.

Discover Roll-Up Shutters in Mizner Country Club

Category 5 Manufacturing prioritizes user-friendly solutions that provide robust protection against hurricanes and tropical storms. Roll-up shutters can be swiftly installed by our expert technicians and are as easy to operate as your everyday blinds. Simply roll them down when a storm approaches and retract them once the storm has passed. With Category 5’s new roll-up shutters, you can rest assured that your storm protection complies with the highest Florida building code standards.

Explore Storm Panels in Mizner Country Club

As hurricanes approach, countless homeowners rush to hardware stores for plywood and nails. Unfortunately, improperly installed plywood can pose risks to your home, potentially damaging plaster or cement. Instead, let Category 5 professionals install storm panel tracks for you. Storm panels offer a safer, quicker, and cleaner solution for protecting your home from severe weather. In fact, storm panels are the preferred choice among Category 5 customers.

Our storm panels come in three varieties:

  • Steel – The cost-effective choice available in mill color
  • Aluminum – Installed using a track or direct mount method and available in mill or white
  • Clear – The preferred choice for homeowners, lightweight for easy handling with excellent visibility

Category 5 Manufacturing is the trusted choice for Mizner Country Club, offering top-quality shutters along with skilled technicians for installation. We take immense pride in our work, and we invite you to experience it for yourself. Schedule an appointment today at 561-777-2491.