Mizner Country Club

Mizner Country Club is located in the gorgeous West Palm City of Delray Beach. Within miles of top schools, high-end shopping malls, and stunning parks, the community is the perfect place to buy a home and live your dream life. Unfortunately, even a dream life is occasionally interrupted by pesky acts of nature like tropical storms and hurricanes. The good news is Category 5 manufacturing offers a variety of solutions to prepare your home for hurricane season and help mitigate the crazy of preparing for a large storm.

Hurricane Shutters in Mizner Country Club

Category 5 Manufacturing is proud to say we have been installing hurricane shutters throughout Mizner Country Club and surrounding communities for years. Our wide variety of types of shutters allows us to accommodate the visual preferences as well as structural needs for every home in Mizner Country Club.

Additionally, we are educated on the HOA standards and procedures in addition to homeowners insurance policies. We focus on this because missteps or negligence could result in fines and penalties from your HOA or insurance. At Category 5, we take every step to ensure you never have to see these fines or penalties. We take pride in providing our customers with top quality products and services. Here are some of the types of shutters we offer:

Hurricane Shutter Styles:

Start Here Accordion Shutters in Mizner Country Club

Accordion Shutters are installed using top and bottom track mounts. These mounts are installed on the top and bottom of your windows and doors, making the shutters easy to open and close. The shutter slide to the side of the opening where they are stored out of the way. If you are looking for something more discrete, the mounts can be recessed into concrete or brick. When installed on every glass area around your home’s exterior, accordion shutters offer hurricane-grade protection.

Bahama Shutters in Mizner Country Club

Bahama Shutters are a common option for homes in South Florida because they compliment the laid-back look of many homes. They also offer an array of benefits from hurricane level storm protection, added privacy, and shade from the hot Florida sun.

Bahama Shutters sometimes referred to as Caribbean Shutters, are one piece that is attached to the top of your windows with a hinge. When open, these shutters stand at a 45-degree angle but can easily be closed shut.

Colonial Shutters in Mizner Country Club

Colonial Shutters are yet another way to add hurricane protection to your home that is also visually appealing. Sometimes referred to as New England style shutters, there is no reason you can’t put these on your glamorous Florida home located in sunny Mizner Country Club. These shutters will offer a great backdrop to the golf course.

In addition to looking great, colonial shutters can protect your home from hurricane-related impacts like wind and heavy rains. They also can help with your home’s energy efficiency if you close them during a sunny day for shade inside your home.

Roll-Up Shutters in Mizner Country Club

Category 5 is all about offering easy-to-use solutions that provide more than adequate protection for hurricanes and tropical storms. Roll-up shutters can be installed quickly by our highly-trained technicians and are as easy for homeowners to use as your every-day blinds. Simply roll them down when a storm is approaching and roll them back up after the storm has passed. With new roll-up shutters from Category 5, you can have peace of mind in that your storm protection meets the highest standards in terms of Florida building codes.

Storm Panels in Mizner Country Club

In the event of a hurricane approaching, countless homeowners rush to their nearest hardware store for sheets of plywood and nails. Unfortunately, plywood is not the safest option if it is not installed correctly, and you can easily damage your home by hammering nails into plaster or cement. Instead, have the professionals at Category 5 install storm panel tracks for you. Storm panels are a much more safe, quick, and clean way to protect your home from severe weather. In fact, storm panels are the most popular option Category 5 customers choose.

Our storm panels are offered in 3 varieties:

  • Steel – The most cost-effective choice and comes in mill color.
  • Aluminum – Installed using a track or direct mount method and comes in mill or white.
  • Clear – The most popular choice for homeowners as it’s lightweight to carry with visibility.

Category 5 Manufacturing is the choice company for Mizner Country Club because we offer the highest quality shutters along with the most reliable technicians for installation. We take pride in what we do. See it for yourself when you call for an appointment at 561-777-2491.