Versailles is a residential community where, as the name may hint, you are meant to feel like royalty. This high-end neighborhood has 450 gorgeous homes and is located in Wellington, Florida. Versailles is just one of the many luxury communities that Category 5 Manufacturing proudly services. We work hard to provide the best service and products in the business and this means we get most of our business through word of mouth. We would be happy to provide you with a quote so you can feel comfortable you are hiring professionals that know your community and its standards well.

Hurricane Shutters in Versailles

At Category 5 Manufacturing we are well aware of the realities of being a homeowner in Florida. Especially when you own a gorgeous home like the ones in Versailles, it is a constant battle to keep it looking it’s best. Hurricane season is just another one of the hurdles we must deal with every year.

Because we want to help you keep your home secure even during a hurricane, Category 5 offers a wide variety of shutter options already approved by the toughest HOAs in Palm Beach County as well as the homeowner’s insurance policies. We don’t want you worrying about fines or penalties, we want to make you safe.

Hurricane Shutter Styles:

Accordion Shutters in The Versailles

If you are looking for an easy-to-use solution that requires no storage and is also a non-intrusive design, then accordion shutters may be for you. Additionally, these shutters can be used to cover ANY glass exterior on your home. They are mounted with top and bottom tracks. The bottom tracks can easily be recessed in concrete or brick when needed.

Accordion shutters open easily and lock into place. They provide a high level of protection for strong storms and fold up easily to the side of the window or door when the storm is over.

Bahama Shutters in The Versailles

Bahama shutters, or Caribbean shutters, are single panels that attach at the top of the outside of a window. With a hinge at the top, the shutters are often left open. Even when open, these types of shutters offer year-round shade and some privacy. The shutters can easily be closed to lay flat against the windows for the perfect protection against severe weather like tropical storms and hurricanes.

Colonial Shutters in Versailles

Colonial Shutters, sometimes called New England shutters, usually are installed as 2 panels per window that open up like small double doors. These shutters look great and are highly functional. When closed, they also offer privacy, shade from the sun, and of course protection from hurricane conditions like strong winds and projectiles. Colonial shutters offer Versailles’ residents a stylish way to protect their home.

Roll-Up Shutters in Versailles

Roll-up shutters are some of the easiest to use and that is the simple reason a lot of property owners choose them. When down and locked, these shutters are also extremely effective in protecting against hurricane conditions. If a hurricane is on its way, just rolls your shutters down just like you would put down then blinds inside your house if the sun got too bright. Lastly, if you have older model roll-up shutters that required the installation of a vertical bar, you may want to consider upgrading to our more modern model that meets the toughest building codes without the need of a vertical bar.

Storm Panels in Versailles

The homes in Versailles are too pretty to hammer plywood against with nails. Don’t risk damaging the exterior of your gorgeous home only to find out the nails didn’t stick and your plywood is coming off. Have the professionals at Category 5 install our most popular shutters, storm panels. Storm panels are highly reliable and safe, are easy to put up and take down, do not damage your home like plywood can, and store nicely in your garage. On top of that, storm panels are great for closing in a large covered patio so you don’t have to lug in all of your patio furniture.

Our storm panels come in 3 types:

  • Steel – The most cost-effective choice and comes in mill color.
  • Aluminum – Installed using a track or direct mount method and comes in mill or white.
  • Clear – The most popular choice for homeowners as it’s lightweight to carry with visibility.

Let the professionals come in and fortify your Versailles home fit for a king. We are confident that we offer the highest quality shutters and installation services in all of Palm Beach County. Start preparing your home for hurricane season now by calling us at 561-777-2491.