The Polo Club

The Polo Club isn’t just a club, it’s a way of life! From tennis to massages and nightlife events, The Polo Club is “the” place to be. Even more, it’s thee place to live!

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, this Country Club is anything but country. Offering Townhomes, Garden Villas, Fairway homes, and Estates, there is something for everyone and they all have top quality interior and exterior finishes. If you own property in The Polo Club, there is no doubt that you want to protect it.

Even if you spend most of your free time working out or attending social events in this beautiful community that you live in, you will probably find yourself concerned with hurricane prep the season gets near.

Category 5 has been serving The Polo Club and neighboring communities for years. We are proud to say most of our business comes from word-of-mouth because we never lose sight of the importance of a quality product and exceptional customer service.

Hurricane Shutters in The Polo Club

Category 5 Manufacturing is the expert in hurricane shutter manufacturing and installation. We are proud to be serving communities throughout Palm Beach County, including The Polo Club. We offer a variety of hurricane shutters which means we have products that will not only keep your home safe but also make your home even more stylish.

Additionally, we understand that living in a fabulous area like The Polo Club means you have an association with serious standards. We understand the rule of the HOA’s in Palm Beach, including The Polo Club. We also have an extensive understanding of homeowners insurance requirements. This is why we make sure that all of the products we off you are already HOA and homeowners insurance approved!

Feel at ease when you choose any of the exciting options at Category 5.

Hurricane Shutter Styles:

Accordion Shutters in The Polo Club

Accordion shutters are installed by mounting tracks at the top and bottom of any glass area on the exterior of your home. The shutter panels can easily slide open along the tracks until they are closed and secured. When you are ready to close them they fold up like an accordion and store cleaning to the side and out of the way. For a more clean look, we can mount the bottom track recessed inside of concrete or brick. Many homeowners choose accordion shutters because they are simple to use, no extra storage space is needed, and they provide exceptional protection from hurricane force conditions.

Bahama Shutters in The Polo Club

Bahama shutters also referred to as Caribbean shutters, are fun and simple panels that hang from a hinge at the top of your window. These shutters stay on your home year round but can be closed to lay flat against the window or opened to about a 45-degree angle. On top of providing hurricane protection for your windows, our clients love these shutters because they also provide year-round privacy and shade that helps lower their electric bill.

Colonial Shutters in The Polo Club

Colonial Shutters, also known as New England shutters, function differently, but offer similar benefits as the Bahama Shutters. Opening and closing similar to a cabinet door, these shutters are easy to operate and add an elegant and classy feel to your home. Colonial shutters are also easy to install anytime. These shutters are more than hurricane protection, they are a great way to add style to your home.

Roll-Up Shutters in The Polo Club

Roll-up shutters are installed above any opening on your home. The panels can be rolled up or down with a matter of minutes and when they are rolled up they are nearly out of sight. Operating roll-up shutters isn’t much different than operating blinds on the inside of your home.

When you order roll-up shutters with Category 5 Manufacturing, you get a modern end-retention model that meets Dade County’s tough building code requirements. Older models require an extra vertical bar installation, but ours do not require this.

Storm Panels in The Polo Club

The most popular shutter option for customers at Category 5 Manufacturing is storm panels. If you did not have shutters installed last hurricane season, you probably found yourself in a long line at your local home improvement store trying to buy plywood. Then, you spent many more hours hammering the plywood to your home. After the storm, you discovered that the nails pulled out chunks of the outside of your home. Storm panels are a much better solution than plywood. When installed by professionals, you can be comfortable knowing that your home will not suffer damage and that the panels you can use year after year are stored in a clean stack inside your garage. Additionally, plywood is not effective if it is not installed right. Storm panels are one of the more effective and trusted types of shutters to protect your home during a hurricane.

We sell 3 types of panels:

  • Steel – The most cost-effective choice and comes in mill color.
  • Aluminum – Installed using a track or direct mount method and comes in mill or white.
  • Clear – The most popular choice for homeowners as it’s lightweight to carry with visibility.

Don’t risk your home located in the amazing Polo Club area. Let the professionals in hurricane shutters help you prepare now! We believe in providing high-quality shutters to all of our clients and installing them quickly, yet properly. If you do not yet have shutters on your luxurious home in The Polo Club, call us at 561-777-2491.