The Groves

The luxurious townhomes of The Groves are situated perfectly between some of the world’s best golf courses and high-end shopping malls. In the beautiful city of Lake Worth, this community is perfect for families and couples, and individuals of all ages.

These townhomes come with an array of amenities and overlook gorgeous lakes and blue skies.

As the owner of a townhome in The Groves, you know that every year hurricane season will come back around and you will once again be on edge thinking if you will need to stand in line at Home Depot this season to board up your house. Category 5 Manufacturing is here to help homeowners of townhouses in The Grove prepare for hurricane season and remove that concern from your mind so you can breathe easy.  

Hurricane Shutters in The Groves

When it comes to all things regarding hurricane shutters, Category 5 Manufacturing has the experts to help you prepare for hurricane season well before that time of year arrives. We can never fully predict what each hurricane season will bring and if our homes will end up in danger, but there is plenty we can do to prepare.

Category 5 has an inventory stocked with HOA and homeowners insurance approved shutters. We do this to make sure every single person and home in The Groves and all of Palm Beach County is prepared and safe every year. We do not want our clients to have to worry about pesky fees and penalties for not following the rules. No need to worry when you choose one of our many types of hurricane shutters:

Hurricane Shutter Styles:

Accordion Shutters in The Groves

Accordion Shutters are easy to install and easy to use. This is why accordion shutters are a great option for your townhome in The Groves. These shutters have accordion-like panels that pull out and lay flat outside of your windows and doors, or fold up like and accordion to the side and out of the way. The panels run along tracks that are mounted at the top and bottom. The bottom track can be recessed into concrete or brick for a more discreet appearance.

Bahama Shutters in The Groves

Bahama shutters are one piece panels that are attached to the top of your window with a sturdy hinge. These shutters can be very easily closed before a hurricane to lay flat to your windows. When closed they provide hurricane strength wind resistance. The remainder of the year you can leave them opened or closed and either way, you can get the benefits of added shade and privacy in your Groves townhouse.

Colonial Shutters in The Groves

Colonial shutters would also look amazing on the townhome in The Groves. These shutters sometimes referred to a New England shutters, also offer shade, privacy, and hurricane protection. These shutters can be installed quickly and are also extremely easy to close. The sliding windows found on the townhomes in The Groves would allow your to close these shutters from the inside of your house. With second floor windows, this means closing up without having to climb a dangerous ladder.

Roll-Up Shutters in The Groves

Roll-up shutters are commonly chosen by homeowners because they are extremely simple to operate and they provide a high level of security and protection. Category 5 technicians can have these shutters installed in no time and when a hurricane is on its way, you can have them closed in minutes!

Older models on roll-up screens require the installation of vertical bars. However, Category 5 sells end-retention roll-up shutters that meet the strictest building codes in the state and do not require a vertical bar installation.

Storm Panels in The Groves

Storm Panels are consistently the most popular type of shutter purchased by Category 5 customers. Storm panels are extremely safe, secure, and simple when it comes to protecting your home from hurricane force conditions. Not only are our storm panels safer than plywood, but they also won’t damage the exterior of your home the same way nailing in plywood can. Don’t mess around with the long lines for plywood right before a storm, get your storm panel system installed today and have your panels up in no time when hurricane season comes around. When the season is over, the panels are light and stackable for storage. We offer the following panel types:

  • Steel – The least expensive choice and comes in mill color.
  • Aluminum – Installed using a track or direct mount method and comes in mill or white.
  • Clear – The most popular choice for homeowners as it’s lightweight to carry with visibility.

Florida is a beautiful state, but hurricane season is often in the back of our minds. That is why at Category 5 Manufacturing we make it our business to provide residents of The Groves with high-quality shutter options and installation that you can have confidence in. If you are in the market for new shutters on your townhome in The Groves, give us a call today at 561-777-2491.