Piper’s Glen

Located off of Piper’s Glen Blvd are communities with inviting homes perfect for any family. Piper’s Glen Estates and Westchester Country Club are just 3 of the amazing residential communities in this area.

Category 5 Manufacturing has been a proud service provider in this area for years, offering the best in shutter manufacturing and installation. We are there for the homeowners of Piper’s Glen and all of Palm Beach County because we know that no home in Florida is exempt from hurricane season. We make it our business to prepare homeowners for anything hurricane season has to throw at us.

Hurricane Shutters in Piper’s Glen

Category 5 Manufacturing is excited to offer a variety of hurricane shutter solutions for every home off of Piper’s Glen. Our numerous solutions allow us to accommodate differing needs of each home and homeowner. We understand that you don’t just want your home to be protected, you also want it to look great!

Your homeowner’s association is another group of people that want to ensure your home looks great and stays looking that way. We follow all HOA and homeowner’s insurance standards and procedures to ensure you never have to worry about fees or penalties from them for not following the rules. In fact, added hurricane protection can help lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance.

Hurricane Shutter Styles:

Start Here Accordion Shutters in Piper’s Glen

Accordion Shutters are the perfect blend of reliable hurricane protection and ease of use. These tough accordion style panels will protect your windows and doors from strong winds, flying debris, and pounding rain. Install these shutters on every glass window and door for premium hurricane protection.

These shutters are mounted with top and bottom tracks that make for an easy way to slide these shutters open and closed. You may only want these shutters closed shut when a hurricane is bearing down on your home, so they fold up nicely to the side of your windows and doors in a way that you will hardly know they are there. For an even more discrete installation, we can recess the mounts into concrete or brick.

Bahama Shutters in Piper’s Glen

Keep with your beachy-home theme and install Bahama shutters over all of your home’s windows. This style shutter is an investment in your home because it adds visual appeal as well as hurricane protection. They in installed at a 45-degree angle from the top of the window and have a hinge at the top for easy opening and closing. When closed, Bahama shutters can provide hurricane protection, shade from the bright and hot sun, in addition to privacy from your neighbors or passer-bys.

Colonial Shutters in Piper’s Glen

Colonial Shutters, also known as New England Shutters, offer similar protection as Bahama shutters but with a more traditional appearance. These shutters have hinges on the sides and swing open like doors. When closed, colonial shutters create everyday privacy and shade. Of course, these hurricane-grade shutters will protect your home from heavy winds and rains that come with strong storms. Colonial shutters may be the perfect addition to your home.

Roll-Up Shutters in Piper’s Glen

Roll-up shutters are a quick and easy way to board up your home for a severe storm without actually having to put boards on your home. These strong shutters can be opened manually or electrically within a matter of minutes. If you are looking for simple and streamlined window and door hurricane protection for your home, ask us about roll-up shutters. The roll-up shutters newly installed by Category 5 meet the highest building codes in the country without the need of vertical bars that older models require.

Storm Panels in Piper’s Glen

Storm Panels are the most requested option for Category 5 Manufacturing. These shutters are more reliable and safe than plywood, they will not damage your home’s exterior, and they can be used over and over again. We can custom fit panels to your home so you can easily cover every opening to your home before a storm gets too close.

Choose the panels right for you:

  • Steel – The most cost-effective choice and comes in mill color.
  • Aluminum – Installed using a track or direct mount method and comes in mill or white.
  • Clear – The most popular choice for homeowners as it’s lightweight to carry with visibility.

Category 5 Manufacturing has dedicated itself to provide the best quality shutter solutions and installation throughout Palm Beach County. We take our work seriously and want to make sure your home, family, and belongings remain safe. If you are in the market for hurricane shutters, give our office a call at 561-777-2491.