The world-class community of Olympia has wonderful homes and properties in Wellington. The prestigious homes of the Olympia community may require additional storm protection considering its location in Wellington. As tropical and hurricane storms increase, it’s important to keep your home protected with hurricane shutters. With the recent hurricanes that have impacted Florida, people are realizing the importance of being protected with hurricane shutters in their community. Many insurance companies recommend hurricane shutters to protect your Wellington home. Some homeowners’ insurance companies are requiring hurricane protection for all homes before receiving a policy. If you are looking for hurricane shutters in the Wellington area, then let Category 5 Manufacturing professionally hurricane protect your home.

Hurricane Shutters in Olympia

At Category 5 Manufacturing, we specialize in hurricane protection for many south Florida homes and communities. No matter what type of home you have in Olympia, we have the capability to install hurricane shutters for all kind of home builds. We also have a variety of hurricane shutter products that can be installed at your home. Here are some of our hurricane shutter products offered in Wellington.

Hurricane Shutter Styles:

Accordion Shutters in Olympia

Accordion shutters offer a fast and simple solution for protection against storms and intruders. Accordion style shutters span over wide openings easily and follow Florida Building Code 2010. They operate just like an accordion, opening, and closing with ease, and they glide on a stainless steel roller system, that has tracking on the top and bottom. The mounted lower floor tracks can be removed or recessed into concrete or brick. The accordion shutters are folded neatly and stacked at the sides.

Bahama Shutters in Olympia

If safety, durability, and ascetics are important factors to have for your hurricane shutters, then look no further than Bahama style shutters from Category 5 Manufacturing. Not only do Bahama style shutters offer hurricane resistant protection, they also look great, and reduce sunlight visibility in your home. Privacy is another benefit with Bahama shutters, as their design does not allow visibility from the outside looking in.

Colonial Shutters in Olympia

Our colonial shutters are not only stylish, but they are category 5 storm rated! They are strong, durable, and meet Miami/Dade county standards of wind and impact requirements. Having reliable protection during a tropical storm or hurricane is crucial for the protection of your home. Not only do colonial shutters offer top-rated protection, they are stylish and unique, and can complement your home nicely.

Roll-Up Shutters in Olympia

Being prepared for a hurricane is of the utmost importance for south Florida residents. Ensuring your family and home are protected is a high priority. That’s why roll-up hurricane shutters can provide the protection and security needed for mild to severe circumstances. These types of hurricane shutters are exceptional because of the way they are designed, manufactured, and installed. They can also withstand high wind speeds and are impact resistant. Investing in your home’s protection is worth it with roll-up shutters.

Storm Panels in Olympia

The demand is always high when a storm is approaching. Planks of wood are of what people normally think of with last-minute home protection. Besides decreasing quantities for wood planks during a storm warning, they are not reusable and may not be able to handle severe weather conditions. That’s why removable storm panels are a great choice for looking at home hurricane protection. Removable storm panels have a number of unique benefits such as protection against window breaks, easy storage, fast and simple installation. Clear polycarbonate panels offer the benefit of visibility through windows and are lightweight by design.

Recessed Track Accordions in Olympia

Accordion shutters are a great option to choose for home hurricane protection. They are easy to install and offer top-rated protection for intense storms and hurricanes. They can cover windows from wall to wall and can glide easily on the track. Our impact resistant track accordion shutters are installed flat on walls and do not require storage space. Recessed track accordions are aesthetically appealing and can be set in brick or concrete. Whatever hurricane protection you decide on, Category 5 manufacturing provides top-notch hurricane protection products and installation.

Hurricane Preparedness in Olympia

South Florida is no stranger when it comes to storm and hurricane preparedness. Knowing the qualities and different types of hurricane protection products are key to providing the best possible protection for your home. Not only is it important to choose the best product, but it’s also crucial that they are installed correctly to ensure maximum protection. That’s why Category 5 Manufacturing is here to not only help you choose the best hurricane protection for your home but to also ensure your shutters are installed correctly. Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle any situation that may arise. To contact us for a quote, give us a call at 561-777-2491.