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Hurricane Shutters in Lee Estates

We have installed many hurricane shutters in Lee Estates.  At Category 5, we will do all the necessary paperwork and permits as required when installing hurricane shutters in Lee Estates.

Hurricane Shutter Styles:

Accordion Shutters in Lee Estates

Accordion Shutters are one of the quickest and easiest ways to secure your home during the hours and days leading to a hurricane making landfall. They easily pull out and lock into place to protect your property from flying debris. When a storm is over, you can simply slide them closed into a discrete opening where they will stay until you need them again. Accordion Shutters are a sound option for Lee Estates homes that have large sets of sliding glass doors and Florida Rooms with large windows on all sides. Our team will install them for you and help with any future repairs or maintenance. However, these shutters require very little upkeep.

Bahama Shutters in Lee Estates

Bahama Shutters are an elegant solution for hurricane protection and everyday challenges of living in Mirror Lee Estates, Fl, such as the hot sun. When open, Bahama shutters still will keep some of the hot midday sun out. This help keep your Mirror Lee Estates home cooler, relieving pressure on your A/C unit, and reducing your electric bill. Simply secure the shutter flat against your windows for a little extra privacy and hurricane proof protection.

Colonial Shutters in Lee Estates

Colonial Shutters are yet another Storm Rated option to protect your gorgeous home and family in Lee Estates, Florida. In the event of a storm, or if you just want to dramatically tell someone “good day!”, you can easily open and close colonial shutters from the inside of your window (as long as the window slides open). In addition to offering protection, don’t you just love the way these shutters look on a home?

Roll-Up Shutters in Lee Estates

With the option of manual or electric, roll-up shutters offer a durable and convenient storm solution. Many Homes in Lee Estates have patio areas with furniture and toys. In addition to windows and doors, roll-up shutters are a great way to safely close a covered patio area and secure your belongings inside. Manual roll-up shutters are operated with a cord that rolls the shutters up and down like blinds, or you can opt for electric shutters that run off the flip of a switch. Either way, Category 5 Manufacturing offers roll-up shutters that are safe and hurricane rated.

Storm Panels in Lee Estates

Storm panels are a tried and true option for optimal hurricane protection. That is probably why they are one of the most popular options for homeowners in Lee Estates. Windows, doors. Sliding glass doors, patio, you name and they can protect it. Storm panels offer a simple solution that easily goes up and is taken down whenever needed. The panels are quick and easy for us to customize to cover all entrances to your home. Once the system is in there is little that can go wrong and pieces can very easily be replaced.

Category 5 is the choice option for residents of hurricane shutters and panels in Lee Estates. We are the best when it comes to manufacturing and installing hurricane-related shutters. Let one of our technicians service you today so your home and your family are ready when hurricane season rolls around. Call us at 561-777-2491 to schedule an appointment today.