Garden Oaks

Garden Oaks is the distinguished community in Palm Beach Gardens. The charm of its well-manicured landscape and oak trees offer homeowners the comfort and bliss of nature. The community also offers modern amenities of swimming pool areas, activity centers with tennis courts.

Protection from severe weather like hurricanes and tropical storms are on the minds of South Florida residents frequently. No matter if you are west of the turnpike or minutes away from the ocean at Garden Oaks, preparing for a hurricane is serious business. That’s why it’s our business at Category 5 Manufacturing to provide high-quality shutters and top-notch installation for the communities of South Florida like Garden Oaks.

Hurricane Shutters in Garden Oaks

Category 5 Manufacturing is the hurricane shutter installation experts serving South Florida communities such as Garden Oaks. We carry hurricane-resistant shutters for all properties in the Garden Oaks community.

Our hurricane shutters and service adhere to HOA guidelines and homeowners’ insurance policies. What this means is that you won’t pay HOA penalties for protecting your home. Our inventory of hurricane-rated shutters provides your home the highest quality protection while upkeeping your home. Some of our featured products below:

Hurricane Shutter Styles:

Accordion Shutters in Garden Oaks

Accordion shutters are the quick and easy protection solution for your Garden Oaks home. They protect glass areas such as, windows and sliding glass doors from hurricane-related impacts. Accordion shutters are installed on the window sides so they are out of the way.

Opening and closing with Accordion shutters are as simple as one-two-three. Top and bottom track mounts allow the shutters to glide easily. Lower mounts can be recessed into concrete or brick pavement. Accordion shutters also fold neatly to the mount sides.

Bahama Shutters in Garden Oaks

Caribbean style shutters or Bahama shutters as they are called, provide durability and charming features. They’re installed to the outside of your windows at a 45-degree angle. These one-piece shutters are top hinged for ease of use. Bahama shutters are exquisitely styled and provide protection from hurricane-related impacts. They also provide shade for when it’s sunny.

Colonial Shutters in Garden Oaks

New England style wooden shutters are called Colonial Shutters. They have a traditional look that increases the prestige of your Garden Oaks. They also protect your home from hurricane-related impacts. Colonial shutters act as a sound barrier for powerful winds and non-stop rain. They also provide heating and cooling efficiency during normal weather conditions.

Roll-Up Shutters in Garden Oaks

Roll-up shutters provide lower heat and brightness from ultraviolet sun rays. These shutters are popular with homeowners because of their ease of use. They only require being rolled up and locked, when a hurricane approaches. Older roll-up shutter models require a vertical bar to be installed in accordance with Miami-Dade building codes.

End Retention Roll-up Shutters are stronger than older model roll-up shutters. They are able to lock upon the slat track as compared to older roll-up shutter models. This provides additional reinforcement without installing vertical bars.

Storm Panels in Garden Oaks

South Florida residents know the potential dangers hurricanes bring. Hammering plywood from the hardware store is one method to protect your home. Plywood though is just a temporary measure and can be ineffective if installed incorrectly. They can also damage the outside of your home. Storm panels are a great option for homeowners because they can be easily stored. The three storm panel types are:

  • Steel – The most cost-effective choice and comes in mill color.
  • Aluminum – Installed using a track or direct mount method and comes in mill or white.
  • Clear – The most popular choice for homeowners as it’s lightweight to carry with visibility.

Category 5 Manufacturing is the choice for high-quality hurricane shutters and installation. Our technicians install your choice of shutters and provide the best protection during a hurricane. If you are in the market for shutters and need more information, give us a call at 561-777-2491.