Floral Lakes

The community of Floral Lakes located in Delray Beach is one of South Florida’s premier communities. This active community offers clubhouse amenities such as a fitness center, as well as an Olympic-sized swimming pool and tennis courts. The community has an array of homes ranging from floor plans of 1,400 to 1,800 square feet.

Delray Beach is home to shopping, trendy restaurants, beaches, and nightlife. The tropical climate brings sunny and summertime vibes year-round. With great weather also comes the impact of severe weather disturbances like hurricanes and tropical storms. The veracity of hurricanes can cause serious damage to your home, so it’s important to be protected. At Category 5 Manufacturing, we supply and install hurricane shutters for the community of Floral Lakes in Delray Beach.

Hurricane Shutters in Floral Lakes

Category 5 Manufacturing specializes in hurricane shutters for the communities of South Florida, including Floral Lakes. We install our products within HOA guidelines, so you won’t pay any penalties for hurricane preparedness. Our service extends to installing premium hurricane shutters without any damage to your home. The variety of hurricane-resistant shutters gives the homeowner the best protection while sustaining your home decor in Floral Lakes. Below are some of our featured products.

Hurricane Shutter Styles:

Accordion Shutters in Floral Lakes

Accordion style shutters are popular with homeowners because of their ease of use. They protect your glass areas and protect you from intruders. Accordion shutters are affixed to the sides of your windows so they are unobtrusive.

They’re easy to operate because the shutters work precisely like an accordion. The lower mounts can be recessed into concrete or brick pavement. Also, accordion shutters stack neatly to the sides of the mounts.

Bahama Shutters in Floral Lakes

Bahama shutters are styled from Caribbean style hurricane shutters. They are installed to the exterior of your windows at a 45-degree angle. These shutters are one piece and are hinged at the top, so it’s easy to open and close.

Bahama shutters offer protection from hurricanes, and their design is charmingly pleasant to the homeowner. During normal everyday weather conditions, Bahama Shutters offer shade and privacy for the home.

Colonial Shutters in Floral Lakes

Colonial Shutters are styled after the wooden shutters of New England. They have a classic style that adds to the prestige of your Floral Lakes home. In addition to their styling, Colonial Shutters offer excellent protection during natural disasters such as hurricanes. The shutters are easy to open and close.

They also act as a sound barrier for when winds and rain are fierce. The additional benefits of colonial shutters are the efficient heating and cooling they provide. They also offer enhanced security and protection from hurricane-related events.

Roll-Up Shutters in Floral Lakes

Roll-up shutters have been an attractive option for hurricane protection as they lower heat from ultraviolet rays. These shutters are easier to use than most other types of shutters. They also protect your home against hurricane-related impacts.

Previous generations of roll-up shutters require a vertical bar to be installed, so they comply with Miami-Dade building codes. However, End-Retention Roll-Up shutters protect better than previous generations of roll-up shutters. They can lock easily and provide extra strength without installing a security bar.

Storm Panels in Floral Lakes

South Florida residents have installed wood planks from the hardware store to prepare their homes for hurricanes. Wood planks are a temporary measure and cannot be reused. If installed incorrectly, they can be ineffective protection for hurricanes and tropical storms. Storm panels are an inexpensive option for homeowners, as they are easy to put up and store. The three types of storm panels are:

  • Steel – The least expensive option and comes in mill color
  • Aluminum – Can be installed using a track or direct mount method and comes in mill or white
  • Clear – The most popular option as it allows visibility through windows and is lightweight to carry.

Category 5 Manufacturing: Your Hurricane Shutter Experts in Floral Lakes

To prepare for a hurricane, Category 5 Manufacturing has you covered in Floral Lakes. Our experienced technicians will service and install the shutters you choose. Our hurricane-rated shutters provide maximum protection during a natural disaster. If you have questions or are in the market for shutters give us a call at 561-777-2491.