Canyon Springs

The new and expanding community of Canyon Springs is located in west Boynton Beach and offers scenic agricultural views. The growing gated community offers a broad selection of single and two-story homes with a floor plan that can be suited for every taste. The residents of Canyon Springs have access to fun activities throughout the day such as exercise classes, aqua lots, party pavilions and more.

HOA’s and Homeowners’ insurance guidelines recommend protecting your home if it’s in an area of natural disaster influence. Preparing your home for such disasters can not only protect your home, but it can reduce rates for your policies. No matter where you are located in South Florida, you are in a potential hurricane zone. Don’t fret, have the hurricane-ready professionals at Category 5 Manufacturing secure your home from any potential severe weather conditions.

Hurricane Shutters in Canyon Springs

At Category 5 Manufacturing, we specialize in hurricane preparedness of South Florida homes and communities. We have the ability to install hurricane shutters for all kind of home builds in the community of Canyon Springs. Additionally, we have a variety of hurricane shutter products that are durable and reliable. Here are some of our hurricane shutter products offered in Canyon Springs.

Hurricane Shutter Styles:

Accordion Shutters in Canyon Springs

Accordion shutters provide a quick and simple solution for protecting against hurricanes and tropical storms. They span over windows openings easily and operate just like an accordion. These shutters open and close with ease as they glide on a stainless steel roller system. Lower floor tracks can be removed or recessed into concrete or brick. The accordion shutters are folded neatly and stacked at the sides.

Bahama Shutters in Canyon Springs

If safety, durability, and charming ascetics are important aspects for your hurricane shutters, then look no further than Bahama style shutters from Category 5 Manufacturing. Bahama style shutters offer hurricane resistant protection, reduce sunlight visibility in your home, and are easy to use. Another benefit of Bahama shutters is privacy as their design does not allow visibility from the outside.

Colonial Shutters in Canyon Springs

Colonial shutters are stylish are they offer hurricane-rated protection. They are strong, durable, and meet Miami/Dade county standards of wind and impact requirements. Having protection you can count on during severe weather conditions is crucial for home protection. Colonial shutters offer excellent protection and are a stylish way to complement your home nicely.

Roll-Up Shutters in Canyon Springs

Being hurricane ready is among the top priorities for South Florida residents. That’s why Roll-up hurricane shutters offer the security needed for mild to severe circumstances. These types of hurricane shutters are great because of their design, and top-notch manufacturing. They can withstand hurricane force winds and are impact resistant.

Storm Panels in Canyon Springs

Wood planks are what comes to mind when performing last-minute home protection from storms. Aside from limited quantities of planks, they are not reusable. That’s why removable storm panels are a popular choice for homeowners. Removable storm panels provide benefits such as protection against window breaks, easy storage, fast and simple installation.

Hurricane Preparedness in Springs

Knowing the qualities and different types of hurricane products can help in providing the best possible protection for your home. Choosing the best product is important, but it’s also crucial to have them installed correctly. Category 5 Manufacturing is here help you choose the best hurricane protection for your home. On top of protection, we ensure your shutters are installed correctly. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to handle any circumstance. To contact us for a quote, give us a call at 561-777-2491.