Enhancing Safety and Elegance with Ancient Tree Hurricane Shutters


Discover the Best Hurricane Shutters in Ancient Tree

Our unwavering commitment to protecting your Ancient Tree home against nature’s fury has earned us a stellar reputation. At Category 5, we take immense pride in our extensive portfolio of successfully installed hurricane shutters, ensuring not only top-tier safety but also unmatched peace of mind for Ancient Tree residents.

Our dedication doesn’t stop at installation; we handle all the requisite paperwork and permits, ensuring a seamless experience for you. When it comes to safeguarding your Ancient Tree haven, trust us to deliver.

Hurricane Shutter Styles:

Accordion Shutters: Quick and Reliable Protection in Ancient Tree

Accordion Shutters are your reliable shield when a hurricane looms. They swiftly extend and lock into place, shielding your property from flying debris. After the storm passes, simply slide them closed into a discreet storage space, ready for future use. Ideal for Ancient Tree homes boasting large sliding glass doors and Florida Rooms with expansive windows, these shutters demand minimal maintenance.

Bahama Shutters: Combining Elegance and Hurricane-Proofing in Ancient Tree

Bahama Shutters offer an elegant solution for hurricane protection and tackling Ancient Tree’s scorching sun. Even when open, they reduce the intensity of midday sun, keeping your home cooler and reducing energy costs. These shutters can be securely positioned flat against your windows, providing added privacy and hurricane-proof fortification.

Colonial Shutters: Aesthetic Appeal and Protection for Ancient Tree Homes

Colonial Shutters seamlessly combine functionality with aesthetics. During a storm or when you simply want to make a grand gesture, open and close these shutters effortlessly from inside your windows (as long as the window slides open). Beyond protection, their classic appearance enhances your home’s overall charm.

Roll-Up Shutters: Durability and Convenience for Ancient Tree Dwellers

Whether manual or electric, Roll-Up Shutters provide a durable and convenient storm solution. Many Ancient Tree homes feature patio areas with furniture and toys. These shutters are an excellent choice for securing these spaces. Manual roll-up shutters operate with a cord, similar to blinds, while electric shutters are controlled with the flip of a switch. In either case, Category 5 Manufacturing offers hurricane-rated roll-up shutters for your peace of mind.

Storm Panels: Proven Hurricane Protection in Ancient Tree

Storm Panels are a tried-and-true choice for optimal hurricane protection, making them popular among Ancient Tree homeowners. They offer a simple solution that can be easily deployed and taken down as needed. We customize these panels to cover all entrances to your home, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Storm Panels require minimal maintenance, and replacement pieces are readily available.

Category 5 Manufacturing stands as the preferred choice for Ancient Tree residents seeking top-quality hurricane shutters and panels. Our expertise extends from manufacturing to installation, ensuring that your home and family are well-prepared for hurricane season. Contact one of our dedicated technicians today at 561-777-2491 to schedule an appointment. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.