Hurricane Shutters in Aberdeen

We have successfully completed numerous hurricane shutter installations in Aberdeen. At Category 5, we take care of all the required documentation and permits for Aberdeen hurricane shutter installations.

Hurricane Shutter Varieties:

Accordion Shutters in Aberdeen

Accordion Shutters represent one of the most efficient and straightforward ways to safeguard your residence as a hurricane approaches Aberdeen. They can be effortlessly extended and secured, offering protection against airborne debris. When the storm subsides, simply slide them back into their discreet storage location, ready for future use. Accordion Shutters are an ideal choice for Aberdeen homes equipped with expansive sliding glass doors and Florida Rooms featuring large windows on all sides. Our team will handle the installation and assist with any future maintenance needs, although these shutters demand minimal upkeep.

Bahama Shutters in Aberdeen

Bahama Shutters provide an elegant solution for hurricane protection and address the everyday challenges of living in Aberdeen, Florida, including intense sunlight. Even when open, Bahama shutters reduce the harsh midday sun, thereby keeping your Aberdeen residence cooler, relieving stress on your air conditioning unit, and reducing your electricity bill. Simply secure the shutters flat against your windows for added privacy and hurricane-proof protection.

Colonial Shutters in Aberdeen

Colonial Shutters offer yet another Storm Rated option to safeguard your beautiful home and loved ones in Aberdeen, Florida. In the event of a storm or simply to make a dramatic entrance, you can easily open and close colonial shutters from inside your window (provided the window is designed to slide open). In addition to offering protection, the aesthetic appeal of these shutters enhances the look of your home.

Roll-Up Shutters in Aberdeen

Roll-Up Shutters, available in manual or electric options, provide a durable and convenient storm protection solution. Many Aberdeen homes include patio areas with furniture and belongings, making roll-up shutters an excellent choice for securing these spaces. Manual roll-up shutters operate using a cord, similar to blinds, while electric shutters can be controlled with the flip of a switch. Category 5 Manufacturing offers hurricane-rated roll-up shutters that guarantee safety.

Storm Panels in Aberdeen

Storm panels are a proven and popular choice for optimal hurricane protection among Aberdeen homeowners. They can be used to safeguard windows, doors, sliding glass doors, patios, and more. Storm panels provide a straightforward solution that can be quickly installed and removed as needed. These panels are easily customized to cover all entrances to your home, and once in place, they require minimal maintenance.

Category 5 is the preferred choice for Aberdeen residents seeking hurricane shutters and panels. We excel in manufacturing and installing hurricane-related shutters. Let one of our technicians assist you today, ensuring your home and family are prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. Contact us at 561-777-2491 to schedule an appointment.