Are You Looking for Hurricane Shutters in Palm Beach County?

Hurricanes and tropical storms are not uncommon in South Florida. In fact, these horrific events are likely to happen more down south than anywhere else in the country. With the real possibility of these weather conditions occurring, more people should consider looking into getting hurricane shutters in Palm Beach County.

What Makes Palm Beach County Hurricane Shutters Best?

It can be difficult to figure out what makes on company's hurricane shutters stand out from the rest, but when you know what the qualities are for the best hurricane resistant products, it can help you to make the best informed decision.

Hurricane Resistant Shutters

One of the more obvious qualities of the best types of hurricane shutters is that they are hurricane resistant. At Category 5 Manufacturing, the leading company for hurricane shutters in Palm Beach County, storm shutters are designed to tolerate up to 210 mph winds. This is an essential trait for effective and desirable hurricane shutters because there is no telling how severe a hurricane or tropical storm can be, especially in South Florida!

Top Quality Hurricane Shutters

In order to be considered the best, a product should be compelling, operative, and high in quality. The hurricane shutters that are manufactured and installed by Category 5 Manufacturing are great in quality because they provide impact resistance and are extremely durable.

Guarantee on hurricane Shutters for 10 Years

When you get a guarantee on anything, especially a product, you are typiclly more likely to have trust in its ability to last because if it doesn't, you are still covered! Creating a space for the best posisble customer service is important at Category 5 Manufacturing. This is why there is a guarantee on the hurricane shutters for 10 years! Not only do we believe in treating our customer right, but we believe in the products we promote, which is why we are confident with our 10 year guarantee on the hurricane shutters.

Trusted Installation in Palm Beach County by leading Hurricane Shutter Company

It is imperative that you have any hurricane shutters installed properly! What is the point in having great quality storm shutters if they are not installed the correct way? At Category 5 Manufacturing, we not only create the product for you but we also install our hurricane resistant shutters as well. Our team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge to set your hurricane shutters up properly. Not only do we possess the knowledge, but our team is uniformed, licensed and insured so we can guarantee our professionalism.

Extensive Selection for Hurricane Shutters

It is important to take notice when hurricane protection companies offer a range of hurricane resistant products and different types for each product too because more options means more opportunities to find what is right for you personally! This is crucial because not every person has the same preferences, and hurricane resistant products aren't one size fits all! Depending on your own likes and the location, different types of hurricane shutters and hurricane resistant products may be required.

Preffered Hurricane Shutters in Palm Beach County at Category 5 Manufacturing

Being the leading company for hurricane resistant products and hurricane shutters in Palm Beach County. Category 5 Manufacturing has an extensive variety of high quality products that prove effective time and time again. Whether you need your entire home covered in hurricane shutters or you want to place them on specific parts of your home, Category 5 Manufacturing wants to be your preferred choice for hurricane window protection. Get your free estimate today and get the best hurricane shutter installation in Palm Beach County!